Registration : RKF FCI 1319/97
Owner: kinolog-judge open category from 1994 year Kuzmenko Irina.
Address: Russia, Krasnodar, Chkalova st., 113 -6
Kennel «Ekskalibur» was open from 2000 after buyed black&tan dobermann-female Yufelia , daughter of black&tan male imported from frensh kennel Lord Largo f. Heckendorf and female from Estonia's kennel «Marland» Marland Cenna Feia
Marland Cenna Feia

That combination was union qualities of bloodline Gr.Quinto v. Neerlands Stamm and Gr.Quirinus v. Neerlands Stamm - strong and elegance. Yufelia was showed not often, but have excellent results of shows alweys. She give only 1 litter from Agasfer Konkord.

Her daughter from Agasfer: Ekskalibur Menagra Maksima - elegance and refined female. She became Champion of Russia very quickly in small time-period. Her progeny from Ak-Yar Benzhamin : Champion of Russia, Ukraine Ekskalibur Aston Giz and Champion of Russia Ekskalibur Asta Maniana .

Ekskalibur Menagra Maksima

Ekskalibur Mia Maritsa - strong, solid female haven't shining show-career, but she present to us very good puppies from Ak-Yar Benzhamin. They are brown& tan Ekskalibur Iv Sen Largo and Ekskalibur Ido Iskander

2006 - was born puppies from Yalu-Yakov v. Diaspora and Ekskalibur Asta Maniana and from Ekskalibur Aston Giz and Kornelia (she is beautiful female, have inbreeding 2*2 on Lord Largo f. Heckendorf in her bloodline).

Ekskalibur Mia Maritsa
Kornelia Kornelia - she is superior feamle with fiery donermann's temperament - our proud and hope. She is Champion of Russia and Ukraine.

Her daughter from Ekskalibur Aston Giz - Ekskalibur Vita la Vista are very beautiful and have temperament as her mother.

Progeny from Asta and Yalu-Yakov v. Diaspora have very good potencial for show and breeding. Strong males with middle height: brown&tan Ekskalibur Bush Men and black&tan Ekskalibur Blago Dar bigining their show-career with excellent results now!



All puppies from our kennel have excellent character, strong mental, excellent exterier and working quality.

Owners of puppies get consultation about growing and working. We alweys keep up with thier life in new home and help to grown in Dobermann from big letter!



Julia Fedorova

Irina Kuzmenko,
+7(918)3849450 mobile , 8(861)2539039 home,
Krasnodar, Russia